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​A farmer-led movement against impunity, injustice, and corruption in land governance and management

In 2018, members of land protection campaigns across the country converged at the site of a land grab in Awei, Alebtong District to launch what they dub now as the National Land Defense League (NLDL) a farmer-led movement against impunity, injustice and corruption in Land Governance and Management. NLDL is an affiliate of Solidarity Uganda run by grassroots women and men who have driven ruthless land grabbers away...


We train and coach grassroots communities affected by land injustices on how to incorporate non-violent and civil resistance in their efforts to wage against land injustices in their communities. We mentor them into building strong and impactful campaigns that will allow them to actively use creative means to find solutions to their land struggles.



The struggle of Amuru begins with many internally displaced Acholi people and their search for a homeland.  For a decade from mid-1990s, many Acholi people had been relocated from their homes to Internally Displaced People's camps (IDP camps) resulting from the insurgency of the Lord's Resistance Army. Upon return from camps in 2006/7, most families found their land confiscated . The residents of Apaa, Lakang and other villages in Amuru District found their land occupied by international agencies and others gazetted for wildlife. They demanded for their land back but were met with violence by the the authorities instead. After thorough training, the locals have put aside their fears of intimidation from authorities and leveraged their collective power to build a non-violent struggle against the land grabs and other injustices.

Northern Region

Communities that have faced land injustices in Northern region of Uganda have been perpetrated by individuals and groups hiding behind security forces who directly or indirectly enforce human rights violations on the locals. Read more about what these communities are doing to wage against this oppression...

Eastern Region

Land injustices in the Eastern region of Uganda have mostly been orchestrated by government agencies directly or indirectly through national and International 'developers'. The government continues to violently evict these communities due to the spontaneous gazzetment of their land.

Follow the link below for more stories of impact about these communities...

Western Region

The oil discovery in the Albertine region has had one of the most volatile effects on the communities. Many locals have lost their homes, property and others have been killed in violent massive evictions by the government security offices in pretext of increasing the country's income through the exploitation. This has been done without any resettlement or compensation from the time of discovery of the natural resource...

Central Region

The central region has been invaded by the so-called 'developers' also known as investors, who have been claiming to develop communities while encroaching on the local’s land. The local people in these areas have neither been consulted nor compensated and worse still have been subjected to a lot of torture from perpetrators who have used the police to abduct them, arrest, and even destroy their property...


Alex Kipsang, our Community Organizer of the Year 2020 has been at the forefront of mobilizing and organizing the Benet community against the Uganda Wildlife authority that has committed several atrocities against the Benet indigenous people. UWA has committed several atrocities against this community including burning their homes, raping women, shooting and killing several people including their cattle, and forcefully evicting the Benet from their ancestral land. Alex Kipsang spearheaded the organizing of over 300 locals in the Benet community to occupy the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in Kween Sub-county for over a month to protest against the atrocities committed by the UWA rangers against the locals. He continues to coordinate this struggle while encouraging other victims to share their stories. 


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