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Awei Community

In 2017, a group of 30 women in Awei, Alebtong district in the Lango sub-region organized and mobilized for a campaign thats called for women's voices to be heard. The campaign later became a movement which is now National Land Defense League. This was the first group to conceive the idea of land protection in our circles. With the assistance of Solidarity Uganda, they were able to mobilize more community members to join the struggle.

Lebngec Community

The land struggles in Leb-ngec/Lajago, a village in Amuru Sub County began with threats of unlawful eviction and major land grabs from a group known as West Acholi Cooperative Union. The Union is claiming about 11,000 hectares of land that stretches from the Leb-Ngec trading centre to Omee trading centre in Amuru District. In 1979, the Union according to the community elders was only allocated 5 hectares of  land to build reservoirs (Stores) in Nwoya district and not Amuru...

Logiri Community

Ministers of Property, Security, Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Local Government, and ICT& National Guidance agreed on the 6th of May 2020 that no land evictions will take place during the COVID-19 lockdown phase. The residents of Logiri Sub County in Arua District, have not seen peace since the  announcement. Some villages have been evicted and other still facing threats evictions organized by political leaders like the State Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon. Obinga Kania who is behind these barbaric actions.

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