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Leb-Ngec Community

The land struggles in Leb-ngec/Lajago, a village in Amuru Sub County began with threats of unlawful eviction and major land grabs by a party known as West Acholi Cooperative Union. The Union is claiming about 11,000 hectares of land that stretches from the Leb-Ngec trading centre near the border to the Omee trading centre in Amuru District. In 1979 West Acholi Cooperative Union according to some Community members was allocated 5 hectares of  land to build


reservoirs (Stores) that would help thefarmers then to store their agricultural products but due to the insurgency then the plans didn't go on well and President Amin's over throw disrupted the construction of the reservoirs (stores).

Since 2007, when relative peace began to return to the area following the LRA war, the Lebngec group has faced severe land struggles. In 2007, the West Acholi Cooperative Union was once again endorsed to begin operations in Nwoya District, but the vibrant leadership in Lungulu Sub County refused to accept their intentions, forcing the cooperative leadership to compromise with the leadership of Amuru District and accept to give out Leb-Ngec Community Land to the West Acholi Cooperative Union, which has been viewed as the Perpetuat of the West Acholi Cooperative Union.
The Choki (Indigenous) People of Leb-Ngec in Amuru District's current Layima Sub County are facing eviction.

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