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We work with communities standing up against land grabbing, inequalities, and injustices around Uganda.  Interns and volunteers enjoy a wide variety of experiences and have the opportunity to learn and be part of a movement championing social and political change People of all origins and gender are encouraged to join our amazing community of change-makers.

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Image by Michael Longmire

Fundraise/ Give

Every coin counts! Monthly contributions of any amount are the financial engine of the National Land Defense League (NLDL). Without them, we come to a halt. Without them, many communities are unable to push back the oppressor. Your Solidarity with the NLDL can make a huge difference. Many thanks for your partnership!


In Person

Reach out to us through the contact below to donate in person

0393 218 133


Inspired by social movements of the past, NLDL began in 2018 when a few grassroots community members decided to organize and make an impact. Pretty quickly, this singular moment evolved into a full-fledged movement. Our nonviolent approach challenges the status quo, holding our leaders accountable and fighting for solutions that will transform society.

Over the Phone

You can also contact us via  

+256 393 218 133 to request more information about the NLDL and how you can support our efforts

By Email

Contact us via

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