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Awei Community

In 2017, a group of 30 women in Awei, Alebtong district in the Lango sub-region organized and mobilized for a campaign that called for women's voices to be heard. The campaign later became a movement which is now National Land Defense League. In our circles, this was the first group to conceive the idea of land protection. With the assistance of Solidarity Uganda, they were able to mobilize more community members to join the struggle. 


The campaign was carried out through songs and plays, which allowed for the recruitment of more allies. The women began by performing songs and plays on land injustices in nearby villages within the Lango Subregion, and later persuaded the communities to join the struggle and explained why it is necessary for them to be a part of the movement against land grabbing. They stretched the idea that if they wanted to win this campaign, they needed to wage war on land grabbers, and then they needed to enlist more allies to help them.

The women were able to carry out direct actions in Awei against the perpetuator, the Bato Family, who were planning to create a science university in Alebtong without obtaining community approval, thanks to mentorship and coaching from Solidarity Uganda. Awei women, through their organization (Awei Women Association against Land Grabbing), were able to organize and mobilize women to participate in a variety of campaigns that helped them fight land grabbing.

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