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Logiri Community

Ministers of Property, Security, Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Local Government, and ICT& National Guidance agreed on the 6th of May 2020 that no land evictions will take place during the COVID-19 lockdown phase. The District CAOs were ordered to set up a phone line in their districts where the public could report any attempted evictions, to suspend land surveying and registration, and for all LCs to follow these government orders and


report anyone attempting to carry out an eviction during the COVID -19 lockdown time.


The residents of Logiri Sub County in Vura County, Arua District, have not seen peace since the five Ugandan ministers made their announcement. There have been several threats of planned land evictions organized by political leaders in Lazebu, Logiri, with the state Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon. Obinga Kania, being the most alleged political leader behind these barbaric actions. This has created anarchy in the Lazebu community, with reports that he is trying to grab land and evict residents on a plot of land that is estimated to be over 200 hectares.

The minister is said to have purchased 3/4 of the 200 hectares of land in Lazebu Community, and now wants to use the new COVID-19 pandemic to expel the indigenous Lugbara people from their land. The deployment of the police and army is solely to instill fear in the people, preventing them from raising their voices in support of their land rights. The Lazebu community is now living in fear, finding it difficult to access justice, and believing that there is a lot of persecution, intimidation, and reprisals being committed on some human rights defenders.

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